Adam Giacopuzzi Web Designer

Adam Guido Giacopuzzi

CEO, Designer, Creative Director
Adam (also known as Guido to many) has been the artistic type since his early childhood, spending hours creating comic books, drawings and sketches. He has a passion for creativity, and this has been evident in his life, from art to music. He holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Media and Film Compositon from California State University Northridge, where he learned to develop his creative skills as a musician and composer. His love for computers naturally led him to web design, where he started by designing websites to show his music. After seeing his impressive designs, people began hiring him to design their websites, and Guido Media was born. Teamed with his technically saavy cousin Nick, they bring a powerful set of skills together to offer their clients. Adam married the love of his life, Rebecca, in 2008, and their son, Rocco, was born in 2009.

Nick Giacopuzzi Web Developer

Nick Giacopuzzi

Projects Manager, Head of Web Application Development
Nick has been an avid fan of computers ever since he first laid his eyes on the screen of an old IBM 386, with its limited 8-Bit color scheme in all it’s glory. Nick began his college career with a Degree in Culinary Arts, however, his passion for computers and technology had him change gears. He is currently in pursuit of multiple technical Computer Science degrees, including an AS in Computer Network Systems Engineering and a BS in Information Systems Securities. Nick totes a broad knowledge of operating systems, scripting, programming languages, and web based applications. His career in the computer field began as a general IT / Web Specialist for Adfare Marketing in 2007, and has since brought his skills to the table here at Guido Media. ┬áIn his spare time, Nick is also an avid outdoorsman and spends a lot of time backpacking the beautiful California National Parks.