Content For Your Website

Most People Don't Read It Anyway, Right? That statement is partially true. Most people don't ready ALL of your content, in fact, most people will not read MOST of your content. However, the content they do read is going to be crucial to your website's success. That statement along can send chills down your spine. If you have ever been given the responsibility of writing content for a website, or been responsible for integrating it into a website, then you too have gotten that feeling in the pit … [Read more...]

What Is Web Design?

And Why Shouldn't I Hire My 14 Year Old Nephew To Do It For Me? When you hear the term "Web Design", what's the first thing that comes to your mind? You're probably thinking about attractive colors, a cool logo, and maybe some snazzy social media icons. It's all about making a website look good, right? In actuality, web design is much more than the right color palette and nifty photoshop skills. To effectively design a website, you need to consider site structure, technology, usability, … [Read more...]