Your logo represents your business, it represents you.

A bad logo design or poorly executed branding can make your business look like the other end of this guy. First impressions count.

Your logo will define your image.

Your company image is almost as important as the services and goods that your provide to your customers. The first step in developing an image for your company and your brand is creating a logo design. Guido Media understands how important your company image is to the success of your business. Our design process is creative and intuitive. We work with you to develop a logo and image that best represents you and your company.

Logo Design

We create full color custom logos, including unique graphic design and text. We consult with our customers throughout the design process to ensure the end product functions with the company image. We provide you with multiple background options and multiple sizes in multiple file types for use on the web and in print.

  • Custom LOGO Design

    We take inspiration from current design trends, and melt that with our own styles and creativity to create a logo that is unique to you and your company.

  • Scalable vectors

    We only use
    vector images to design our logos. Scalable vectors allow you to resize your logo to fit on a website, a business card, a tshirt, or a billboard, with no sacrafice to quality.

Company Branding

Company branding takes logo design to the next step. You already know how important the image of your company is, so keeping that image consistent and evident throughout your business is vital to staying prevalent in the minds of your customers. Company branding will provide your business with a number of logo variations as well as a color scheme to accompany your image.

Guido Media can revamp your old image, or create an entirely new image for you. We provide different logo variations and sizes, as well as designing business cards, stationary, web cards, emails, and other promotional merchandise, all with a consistent and recognizable design.

  • Company Branding

    Take your logo design to the next level, and focus your company image around a consistent design. We create business cards, letter head, mailers, marketing materials, web cards, and promotional materials featuring your company image.

  • consistentcy

    We create a color pallete to match your logo and branding image, so your customers will recognize not only your logo, but the presentation of your website and promotional materials.