Your website, to go.

Check email, update facebook, and browse your website. It’s all part of the daily routine for the millions of smart phone users out there. Is your site ready?

If you’re not mobile, you’re behind the times.

Having a mobile website is no longer a luxury or a badge of “coolness” to pin on your shirt. It’s a necesity. When you go mobile, you not only make your website more accessible and easier to use by over 1.7 billion smart phone users, but you also modernize the professional image of your company as being current and sophisticated. Mobile devices are quickly becoming the choice for internet browsing, and the benefits of a mobile web presence really cannot be ignored. Predictions call for mobile browsing to take over traditional internet browsing by 2015. You can’t afford to be left behind.

  • Custom Mobile Design

    Just like any other site we build, your mobile website is a custom design, specific to your and your business. We don’t use templates, we create unique designs for every one of our clients.

  • Optimized For Multiple Devices

    We take into account the fact that there are a large variety of mobile devices that people can use to access your mobile site, and those devices will all behave differently. Your mobile site is optimized for every major device, including tablets.

Why Go Mobile?

Having the internet at your fingertips, whenever you want it and wherever you are, is what mobile browsing is all about. Mobile internet users are usually on the move and need information to be easy to get to and readily available. Make your site even slightly difficult to use on a mobile device, and that customer will be on to your competition’s website to find what they want. Designing a mobile website is all about catering to a unique user experience. Mobile users are coming from a different perspective and a different interface than someone sitting in front of a computer. A mobile site needs to be designed specifically for mobile devices, so it is easy to view and navigate. It also needs to present pertinent information to a mobile user, information that may be orgranized differently than a traditional website. The needs of these mobile users are unique, and can’t be met with a traditional site designed for a computer user. Ignoring this population of your site users will alienate a rapidly growing community.

  • Unique User Experience

    The exerience of a mobile user should be different than that of a regulat site user. We design mobile sites for the unique needs of mobile website browsers.

  • Specific Content

    We not only create a mobile design, but a mobile experience for your mobile audience. Because mobile site users are active and on the move, we provide them relevant information that applies to their specific perspective.

Still not sure about mobile web design?

Still not convinced that a mobile site is right for you? Read our article on mobile website design, or feel free to contact us. We love talking about web design!