Making you easier to find.

You wouldn’t build your storefront in the middle of the desert, so why would you leave your website on page 56 of Google?

Making you easier to find.

One of the biggest mistakes a website owner can make is creating a great looking, user friendly site that is full of great information, and will surely convert every other visitor into a new customer. The problem is that they forget to put any effort to optimizing their website to place well in the search engines, and the unfortunate result is that nobody can find their beautiful site, and it sits in space, unused, collect cobwebs. It’s a sad story, I know.


    We optimize the hard coding of your site to make it more visible and relevant to Google and other major search engines. Meta tags, title tags, alt tags, page linking, and unique page titles.

  • CSS, XHTML & External coding

    We streamline the coding on our web pages so they contain as much relevant, text based content (the kind that search engines love) and no wasteful coding that takes up valuable real estate.

Increase your conversions

Making your website visible to the search engines means making it visible to potential clients. And making it place well in the search engines means that you will attract the right kind of website visitors, those that are looking specifically for your type of site. We offer many different options for SEO, in conjunction with some of our trustworthy associates in the business.

Guido Media offers on page optimization, which means including all of the important HTML tags that Google and other major search engines look for when determining what your website is about. We can also help you set your site up with some of the vital tools that search engines offer, including Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Our on page coding is perfect for businesses looking to place well in a small, local market. We work with you through the whole process to make sure we are targeting the audience that you want to reach most.

  • Local listings

    Be visible to your local market, we submit your site to the local listings on the major search engines. This will help you rank not just for content, but based on the physical location of your potential customers.


    Track your website visitors and monitor all the activity that happens once your site is live. We set you with up with all of the most valuable tools from Google and other search engines.

We also work closely with several associates that can help you take SEO to the next level, on both a local level as well as international marketing. Sometimes marketing to a small market isn’t enough, and you will need someone with expertise to help you reach a much larger audience. We know and trust our partners to produce results and give our customers the same quality of service that we do.